Romain Ott, a name that resonates like a true key in the world of wine… Son of a winemaker and hailing from a family of vignerons for four generations, he oversees all wine and olive oil productions at Château Léoube. Romain Ott, an agronomist engineer specializing in oenology, has been shaping the identity of Léoube since 2000 with passion and a deep commitment to the sustainable environmental ambitions of the Bamford family.

“To produce with love and gratitude the best of what the land can offer…”

Such is the philosophy of Romain Ott, a “philosophy of the Essential,” in utmost respect for the product and traditions, in the subtle pursuit of the healthiest and most balanced grapes possible, for supreme quality and consistency.

At Léoube, the aim is not for exuberance in wines but for a distinctive style, substance, and stability. The current objective was to unveil the unique style, the taste signature of Léoube, and to ensure consistency in high quality:

“Léoube is a true, precise, delicate, balanced, and elegant wine, dedicated to the pleasure of every moment.”

A pleasure he shares intimately with you through the various “haute-couture” cuvées of Château Léoube, signs of his expertise…

Discover our history

The history of Léoube is rooted in our precious ancient land and soil. Our story is one of family, tradition and passion – a story beginning in the 14th century which continues to live today and will still be written tomorrow.