The Lounge at Café Léoube

We are delighted to announce the opening of our Lounge on Saturday 20 April 2024. Come and enjoy a glass of Léoube organic wine, a refreshing cocktail or gourmet snacks, all in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our Lounge is an extension of the relaxed, sunny atmosphere of Café Léoube. Whether you’re looking for an intimate moment alone, or prefer to share moments of conviviality with friends, we invite you to soak up the soothing atmosphere.

In this lounge area, every nook and cranny is designed to offer an incomparable experience of relaxation. Let yourself be enveloped by the tranquillity of the space, where you can enjoy a glass of Léoube organic wine, sip a refreshing cocktail or enjoy some gourmet snacks, all in a calm and serene atmosphere.

Join us in our Lounge and let yourself be carried away by the warmth and friendliness that reign there. Whether you come for a relaxed break or to share moments of joy, our Lounge area promises an unforgettable experience where time seems suspended and worries evaporate. It’s a place designed to awaken your senses and offer you a moment of pure pleasure, where the delicacy of the flavours combines with the gentleness of the ambience.



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