Passing through a procession of rolling hills planted with shimmering orchards, vines and olive trees, you’ll eventually come to Domaine de Léoube, where our fertile earth meets the sea and the sun.


Time has made itself at home here, where 560 hectares – with 70 dedicated to vines and 25 to olive trees – exude their scent and colour into the expansive Mediterranean. A painter could patiently sketch this landscape, but the scent of warm pine resin, grapes waiting to be picked, ripe figs and wild thyme would be missed when evoking this remarkable celebration of the senses.
We believe in time-honoured farming in the most environmentally friendly way and in return we are rewarded by the incredible grape varieties and blends that nature has to offer for making organic wine. Each organic wine is stored deep inside cool cellars equipped with the latest technology and symbolises our constant attention and profound devotion to the land.

Rosé wines of Provence

The rose wines of Provence have some common characteristics: on the palate they tend to be fresh, crisp, bright, and dry. The rose wines of Provence are by definition not sweet, there are a dry rose wine.


Red wines of Provence

Chateau Léoube produces 3 différents Provence red wine types. Blend of red wine grapes : Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and also Cabernet Franc.


bouteille vin blanc de provence chateau de leoube

White wine of Provence

Ripened overlooking the sea on the château’s highest hillsides, our best parcels of Rolle, Ugni Blanc and Semillon enhance this first-rate dry white wine.


bouteille vin rose pétillant Sparkling

Sparkling rosé wine

A mixture of schist and clay characterize Château Léoube soils. The proximity of the sea, the daily sea breeze and cool nights are all factors that provide an ideal climate for growing grapes.


Huiles Olive extra vierge - Extra virgini olive oils

Provence olive oils

Léoube’s oils are crystal clear and naturally clarified. Enjoyable from the moment you open the bottle, our oils have a pleasing aroma that intensifies with taste and leave a lingering flavour on the palate.


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