Love by Léoube

Result of a blend of traditional grape varieties from Provence, this organic Provence rosé wine, selected by Léoube, is fresh and fruity.

Starting from 14,00€

Rosé de Léoube

This elegant Provencal rose wine has an unusually soft mouthfeel, with flavours of wild strawberries, hints of pineapple, and red berries.

Starting from 19,00€

Secret de Léoube

It is perfect rosé wine for real food-lovers enjoying a three-course meal. Its soft mouthfeel and great aroma bears out its subtle elegant blend.

Starting from 26,00€

Léoube La Londe

This is a fascinating Provence rosé wine, clearly Rosé in colour and style, and yet with a richer texture and mouthfeel.

Starting from 42,00€

Rouge de Léoube

The fruit of a textbook blending, you’ll never get tired of this red wine thanks to its deliberate light touch gently dancing across your taste buds.

Starting from 21,00€


Forts de Léoube

This dry red wine with 4 grape varieties – Grenache, Cinsault, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Syrah – impresses by its depth and its complexity.

Starting from 26,00€

red wine Léoube Collector bottle and magnum

Léoube Collector

Limited edition – Made from 100% Cabernet Franc, this unique and original red wine distinguishes itself by its powerful and sharp structure.

Starting from 43,00€


Blanc de Léoube

The white wine is round and fresh at the same time, with subtle aromas, floral and mineral.

Starting from 21,00€

white-wine-organic-provence-chateau-leoube-secret-bouteillew 75cl

Secret de Léoube

This white wine is inspired by the rich coastal terroir found at Léoube which gives a gentle salinity to the finish.

Starting from 26,00€

Organic white wine bottle Singulier Léoube

Léoube Singulier Blanc

This limited edition is an interpretation of our seaside terroir, richness and complexity.

Starting from 45,00€


Love by Léoube

This Côtes de Provence rosé result of a blend of traditional grape varieties from Provence. This organic rosé wine, selected by Léoube, is fresh and fruity.

Starting from 14,00€

Sparkling Love by Léoube

This sparkling is refreshing and shows elegant yet lively bubbles, with flavours of red berries, pomegranate and grapefruit.

Starting from 16,00€


Sparkling de Léoube

This sparkling wine offers a beautiful pale onion skin colour, vibrant & thin bubbles and subtle aromas of grapefruit and peach.

Starting from 29,00€

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Olive oil

Planted in a mixture of hardy schist and clay soils and caressed by sunshine and sea breezes, the olive trees at Léoube have their roots in over 2000 years of history.

AZUR extra virgin olive oil

Fruity, gentle, generous, Azur olive oil can be used plain or for cooking.

Starting from 11,50€

Bouteilles huiled'olive extra vierge du domaine

PREMIUM extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil has a fine subtle taste of green tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Starting from 15,00€


Organic jams

The estate’s organic jams, orchards are planted on a rich land and eager for the exceptional situation of the estate of Léoube. We can find the fruit flavors of yesteryear.

Starting from 7,00€


Provence Honey

This honey has a creamy texture with floral and fruity fragrances reminiscent of the sweet scent of lavender and maquis. Our honey is made by a beekeeper for Château Léoube.

Starting from 8,00€

Ballotin de 3 spécialités proençales du Château Léoube

Provencal Specialities

Made for Château Léoube, our Provençal and artisanal specialties are perfect for an aperitif with multiple flavors: tapenade, anchoïade cream, olivade with fines, tomatoes and pesto.

Starting from 4,50€