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Sustainable vineyard

Our sustainable commitments

Viticulture durable à Chateau Léoube en Provence

At Léoube, sustainable development has been at the heart of our priorities for more than 20 years. Since 1998, we have been committed to a responsible approach in choosing to develop crops that respects people and the land. The values we defend are part of a strategy that promotes the life and sustainability of our ecosystem.

1 – Unite our strengths to act more conscientiously

The women and men who work on the estate are the first ambassadors of our philosophy. Through their actions, their expertise and their know-how, they convey Léoube’s spirit and transmit our values. With their daily work, they are the first to do so.

2 – Cultivate with harmony and respect

We manage our soils with the greatest respect for our environment and according to the principles of organic farming, which combines best environmental practices, respect for biodiversity and the preservation of natural resources. We do not use pesticides, herbicides or chemical products and use only natural fertilizers to make the highest quality wines and oils. We maintain “reservoir spaces” in which biodiversity is the richest and the most representative and have set up beehives on the estate to improve pollination.

3 – Local and seasonal food

We only grow seasonal vegetables and fruits that sustain our Café daily during the season. Eating local and seasonal food means reconnecting with our nourishing land, restoring the freshness of the food and the flavours of the product. It also means preserving agricultural biodiversity, the uniqueness of our terroir and the reduction of food waste.

4 – Favour short circuits to reduce our carbon footprint

We are aware of the impact of CO² emissions on our environment and are trying to reduce it.
We reserve most of our fruit and vegetable production for our restaurant and work mainly with carefully selected local producers who, like us, cherish the environment and our terroir.

5 – Optimize and recycle our packaging to reduce waste

We aim to reduce the quantity of our packaging as much as possible and systematically collect our waste in their respective recycling bins. We favour recyclable materials; we use recyclable glass bottles, natural corks and cardboard recycled packaging.