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This is the story of Léoube, how we take care and harvest our vineyard and our grove.

4 Seasons

Nestled in a coastal bay in the Cape Bénat, a stone’s throw from St Tropez, lies the Léoube estate, Cotes de Provence. One of the most beautiful protected sites in Europe and home to Château Léoube. Spread across four kilometres of coastline, the estate enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. Our vision has always been to produce the best from what the land can give, with great affection and care.

Grape harvest

At Château Léoube, Romain Ott and Bamford family produce one of the best Provence fine wine. Léoube now creates certified Organic rosé, red and white wines.

Olive harvest

Our unique blends of provencal and italian varieties farmed in line with sustainable and biodynamic principles. The olives are washed with pure spring water creating unfiltred, aromatic, substainable olive oil, simply delicious.