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Rose Wines of Provence


Love by Léoube

This organic rosé wine, is fresh and fruity. Dry, it releases aromas of strawberry and white peach.

Starting from 15,00€

Rosé de Léoube

This elegant Provencal rose wine has an unusually soft mouthfeel, with flavours of wild strawberries, hints of pineapple, and red berries.

Starting from 20,00€

Secret de Léoube

It is perfect rosé wine for real food-lovers enjoying a three-course meal. Its soft mouthfeel and great aroma bears out its subtle elegant blend.

Starting from 26,00€

Léoube La Londe

This is a fascinating Provence rosé wine, clearly Rosé in colour and style, and yet with a richer texture and mouthfeel.

Starting from 42,00€


Léoube Rosé Singulier

Available only in magnum, this new cuvée is an ode to the richness of the seaside schist terroir and the secret blends for which the Domaine is renowned.

Starting from 180,00€


Sparkling Love by Léoube

With a perfect blend of freshness and roundness, this sparkling rosé will seduce your taste with its aromas of red fruit, pomegranate and grapefruit.

Starting from 16,00€


Sparkling by Léoube

This sparkling wine offers a beautiful pale onion skin colour. It’s a crisp and refreshing sparkling wine to enjoy all year round, as an aperitif or for a party.

Starting from 29,00€