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Leoube a chateau in provence

Our Philosophy


Léoube’s vineyard story begins in Provence, on this land that is nearly a million years old, a happy procession of contrasts and lights with an incomparable charm. A cradle of Greek and Roman cultures, it is home to the oldest vineyards in France and keeps the secrets of life, perfumes and sunny foods deep in its heart.

In the heart of this gorgeous region, nestled in a coastal bay a stone’s throw from Saint Tropez, on one of the most beautiful protected vineyard in Europe, the Léoube estate is rooted between the sea and the hills, offering a unique terroir: 68 hectares of vines and 23 hectares of olive groves, all devoted to growing the grapes and olives that make our organic wines and olive oils.

Here, the ochre and brown tones of the schistose soils, surrounded by the enchanting song of cicadas, the scent of lavender, olive trees and century-old pines lulled by the Mediterranean breeze are much more than an invitation to awaken the spirit or for contemplation. They are an ode to the beauty of our land, to respect and preserve what it gives us.

For more than 20 years, we have been cultivating and working our soils in line with the principles of organic farming.

In 1998, we started the long process of converting the vineyard and olive grove; we restored the crops, redeveloped the plots, worked the soil with the greatest care and planted our vines according to the flow of water to avoid erosion. We have banned the use of any pesticides and chemicals and produce only  what the land can offer us.

As the founders of Daylesford Organic – one of the UK’s most sustainable farms – the Bamford family are passionate about environmentally friendly farming and wished to bring this natural approach to Léoube. We farm in harmony with nature. It is not constrained, but is supported, taking into account the natural cycle of the seasons and respecting the balance of each plant in its environment.

We want to make the world of today and tomorrow more sustainable in order to leave a better planet for future generations.

We have a great responsibility. The power of each and every one of our actions is tremendous, so if each of us commits, through small gestures, to live more conscientiously, we will nurture a brighter future for our planet.