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Provence olive oil

Planted in a mixture of hardy schist and clay soils and caressed by sunshine and sea breezes, the olive trees at Léoube have their roots in over 2000 years of history. 4700 trees, grown from three successive generations, produce two kinds of oil from the same varieties, both unfiltered and moulded by light and warmth.

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Varieties :
Classic Provence varieties, such as Olivette, Aglandau, Cayon and Bouteillan, are joined by two Italian varieties, Frantoïo and Pendolino, creating fine oils that are fresh and full of flavour.
The Grove :
With ambitious, environmentally friendly farm management across over 500 hectares, the Léoube estate is best suited to traditional growing methods based on a purely natural approach: comprehensive working of the soil in line with the seasons; no artificial or deep-penetrating chemicals; picking the crop using nets and vibrating tongs for fast delivery to La Londe Mill. Each stage results from on-going trials to get the production balance right in perfect harmony with the laws of nature.
Characteristics :
Sourced from ‘rotating’ harvests and skilled blending, Léoube’s oils are crystal clear and naturally clarified.Enjoyable from the moment you open the bottle, our oils have a pleasing aroma that intensifies with taste and leave a lingering flavour on the palate.


Azur Selection olive oil

Fruity, gentle, generous, Azur olive oil can be used plain or for cooking.

Starting from 12,50€

Huile d'olive extra vierge Premium de Léoube

Premium olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil has a fine subtle taste of green tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Starting from 16,00€