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General Sales Terms, and General Conditions of use of the website: https://www.leoube.com/. General sales terms and conditions of use of the website


You are now connected on one of the website administered by the SARL Léoube Distribution. This document is, first presenting the general sales terms of the SARL Léoube Distribution products’ (Contractual Conditions), and then, the website www.leouble.net general terms of use (General Terms of Use).

You have to carefully read the following dispositions, being an electronic contract establishing the general sales terms of the e-boutique of the SCAV of Léoube’s Domaine.

Double-clicking after filing up the order form is the confirmation of the order, as well as the irrevocable acceptance of the present Contractual Conditions and General Terms, after the validation of the order by the SARL Léoube Distribution.

Therefore, you can order the SARL Léoube Distribution’s the products, only if you accept all the conditions mentioned below.

In the following document the Client and the SARL Léoube Distribution can be called « The Parties », and individually « The Party ».

Article 1: Definitions

In the present Contractual Conditions, each of these expressions below will mean the following definition:

– the Society: the SARL Léoube Distribution

– Validation Of The Order: validation of the order by the Society

– distance contact: the contract concerning the order of the products of the SARL Léoube Distribution concluded between the Society and the client in a distance contact organized by the Society which, for this contract, will only use Internet network until the conclusion of the contact.

– Client: any person of a major age and being legally capable to sign a contract.

– Order Form: document which indicates the details of the products ordered by the client, who has to sign it with the « double-click ».

– Order: action of the client’s commitment to purchase the Society products.

– Product: product(s) of the Society sold on the website www.leoube.net by the Society.

– Double Clic: reiteration of the Order Form by the Client. The Order Form filled up and validated a first time, is only taken into account after the confirmation of the Order, by the Client’s double-clic or by ticking the box « acceptation des Conditions Contractuelles » (validation of the Contractual Conditions).

– The Shop: online shop of the Society on the website www.leoube.com

Article 2: Society’s identification

Name: Château Léoube – SARL Léoube Distribution

Assets of 10,000 euros

Siren: 817924715 Code APE 4634Z

Intra-community TVA Number: FR77817924715

Adress: 2387 route de Léoube, 83230 Bormes les Mimosas     

Telephone number: 04 94 64 80 03

Available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m from 5:00 p.m       

Email address: info@leoube.com    

Article 3: Object

The present Contractual Conditions govern the electronic selling distance contract between the Society and the Client. It defines the Parties’ sales rights and obligations on the Products proposed by the Society.

It is in compliance with the current French laws, in particular:

– Loi 2004-575, Loi pour la confiance dans l’économie numérique (the trust in numeric economy act).

– Loi 2008-3, act of January 3rd, 2008 pour le développement de la concurrence au service des consommateurs (development of competition to defend users act)

– Recommendation n°07-02 of the abusive clauses Commission, regarding contracts on sales of furnitures on internet.

Article 4: Minors and legal capacity

The current legislation prohibits the sale and the offering of alcoholic beverages to minors and those of equivalent status. Therefore, by filling up the Order Form the Client admits having the legal capacity to conclude the contract.

Article 5: Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health, please consume in moderation.

Pursuant to article L. 3342-1 du Code de la Santé Publique (of French Public Health Code), prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors under eighteen (18). t-The Client commits, by validating its Order Form, to be of full age of eighteen years old the day of the Order.

Article 6: Products

The Products of the Society are those presented on the website www.leoube.com, the day of the consultation of the website and may be provided within the limits of available stocks. They are presented in French.

The essential characteristics of the Products are specifically mentioned on the website www.leoube.com.

The illustrations and/or pictures of the presented Products on the website are indicative. As a result of the specificity of Internet network, the Society can not guarantee the availability of all the Products in real time. In the case of a temporary or permanent unavailability of one of the Products, the Society will inform the Client about it via an email, to a valid email address given by the Client. The Society will propose, the remplacement of the ordered Product by an equivalent Product (quality and price), a holding to the Client, or to cancel the order.

Article 7: Price

The price of the Products are given in Euros (€) all taxes included as well as the costs of the order processing. Products prices do not include the amount of shipping fees.

The amount of these shipping fees is of twenty-four euros (24,00€) all taxes included, for an Order of an amount below two hundred and fifty euros (250,00€ including all taxes) and is offered for an Order over two hundred and fifty euros (250,00€ including all taxes).

The prices of the different options of shipping are presented during the Order and specified during its finalization.

The prices of Products may be changed at any time by the Society. However, for any order of Products approved by the Society, this one guarantees the prices indicated during the Order.

In the event of a typing error leading to the display of a different price than the real one, the sale can be cancelled, like it is mentioned in the Article 10: Process of the Order.

Payment is required not later than at the delivery of the Products, excepted as otherwise specified during the process of the Order and, mentioned on the sales receipt.

Article 8: Order

Every Order Form, signed by the Client by Double-clicking, is a validation which can not be questioned, expected by ones indicated in the Contractual Conditions.

Any quote sent to the Client and returned by the Society, with the specific mention of the Client’s agreement, forms as well an irrevocable acceptance of the Contractual Conditions.

The process of the Order, faithful of the rules of article 1369 and others following of the Civil Code, is the following one:

The Client selects the Product he wants on the website www.leoube.com.

The Client who wants to confirm its Order has to identifie herself/himself, by filling up the form provided on the shop.chateauleoube.net.

This identification is strictly respecting the modified Loi 78-17 (act).

After verifying the content of his/her order and its total price, (ordered products, shipping fees, possible eco-participation, additional options), and corrected possibles mistakes, the Client confirmes the Order by sending an email. This confirmation will worth the conclusion of the contract.

The sale will be considered final as soon as the Society sends a confirmation email to the Client, to a valid address without any restriction of use (like a professional email address), not later than the delay of withdrawal as described below, and subject to the provision of the inventory. The Society will not be held responsible for sending, contractual or advertising informations, to a restricted access address mail.

Article 9: Non-acceptance of the Order by the Society

The Society reserves the right to decline any order for a legitimate reason, or in the case of a typing error leading to the display of a different price than the real one, and this at the moment of the Order made by the Client.

Article 10: Process of the Order

The shipping of the Order will be made at least within the reasonable period of 7 days, from the planned delivery date, provided during the Order, after its acceptance by the Society. For specific delays concerning the various types of services (customization,…), the Client will have to contact the Society to be informed of the delay of the delivery.

Article 11: Billing – Payment

The Client has different possibilities to pay with his/her card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard). The Client guarantees to the Society, the possible and needed approval to use this type of payment during the Order. He/She will have to give his/her card number, depending on its type, its expiration date and its security number (three-digital number located on the back of the card).

The Society guarantees that the payement is secure, with the S.S.L encryption (Secure Socket Layer), in order to protect as much as possible the datas relating the ways of payment. The Society ensures the prestations of cryptology used to secure the transactions, having been the subject of a prior authorization or a statement faithful to the current legislation.

In case of a payment by bank card the stipulations relating the fraudulent use of payement, are applied in accordance of the article 132-4 of the Code Monétaire et Financier (The Monetary and Financial Code). This stipulations are provided in the agreements between, first the Client and the card issuer and finally, between the Society and its banks.

If the only mean of payment is by bank card, the definitive validation of the Order is made by the full payment of it (unless otherwise stipulated).

Article 12: Delivery delay

The Society only delivers Products ordered by the Client, in mainland France. No Products shipment will not be insured, out of this geographic zone.

The shipping of the Products, ordered and payed by the Client, will be made after the Order registration, its full payment, its confirmation by the Society and its preparation. Shippings are done according to the conditions guaranteed by the shipping services and their agreements with the Society, excepted for cases of absolute necessity. These guarantees are indicated on the website www.leoube.com, or during the Order Process.

In the case of a eventual delay longer than indicated, the Client will have to inform the Society, addressing herself/himself to the customer service of the Society or by sending en email to this address: order@leoube.com. If the delay exceeds 7 days the expected delivery date, the Client will be able to see it Order cancelled, according to the terms indicated in the Article 16: Cancellation.

The deliveries are made by a shipping company mandated by the Society between 9 a.m and 6 p.m Monday through Friday.

Article 13: Non-corresponding or incomplete delivery

If the Client notices, a lack of conformity, a hidden defect of the Product, or an incomplete delivery of the Product, the Client has to inform the Society via an email to the address order@leoube.com, or by calling in a minimum of 72h on working days, after the delivery of the Order.

The Society can not be held responsible for losses, damages, errors or errors of delivery, whenever it is established that the circumstances of this delivery issue was due to circumstances beyond the Society control. By « circumstances beyond the Society control » should be understood as:

in unforeseeable circumstances or in cases of force majeure;

– any action, lack of attention or carelessness of any person such as the postal services.

In the case of a damage or partial loss of the Product and in accordance with the article 133-3 du Code du Commerce (Trade Code), the Client will inform its protest, backed by the LRAR, to the shipping company in the delay of 3 days after the Order (not including holidays). Otherwise, the protest will not be taken into consideration by the shipping company.

Article 14: Lost packages

In the case of a lost package by one of the delivery providers of the Society, the Client will inform the Society as soon as possible.

The Society will investigate the concerned services.

Article 15: Right of withdrawal

According to the article 121-20 du Code de la Consommation (Consumer code), the client has seven (7) days to exercice the right of withdrawal, without having to justify herelf/himelf, or without having to pay any penalty, expect for the return shipping cost.

This delay of seven days takes effect at the reception of the Product by the Client.

The Products will have to be completely returned (unopened bottles, cork and label free from damages) by the Client, with their original invoice and packaging, ready to be put back on the market, by a shipping company chosen by the Client. The Products have to be returned in their original packaging, with the rules of shipping guaranties similar to the ones respected for the Products initial delivery. The risks incurred by the Products during their return to the Society are covered by the Client. This right of withdrawal can not be practice on customized Products, specified to the Society by the Client.

The Society engages itself to refund the amount of the Order to the Client and its shipping fees, when the society sent the Products, as soon as possible, and later thirty (30) days after the date of the withdrawal. The refund can be achieved by all way of payment. On a proposal from the Society, the Client, who used his/her right of withdrawal, can however choose another way of refund.

Article 16: Cancellation

According to the article L.121-20-3 of Code de la Consommation (Consumer Code), the deadline on which the Society commits to deliver the Product will be indicated by the Society to the Client during the Order. In the case of an overtaking of seven (7) working days of this delivery date – except in case of force majeure – the Client will be able to see its order cancelled by addressing a registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt within sixty (60) days following the initial date of the delivery. In this case, the Society will refund the entire amount paid – except the possible return fees – and will in a delay of thirty (30) days following the reception of the registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt.

Article 17: Legal warranty

According to the article L.211-4, and the following ones, du Code de la Consommation (Consumer Code), and the articles 1641 and 1648 of the French Civil Code, the Client profites of warranty allowing him/her to send back the Products delivered, and which are defective.

– Article L.211-4 du Code de la Consommation (Consumer Code)

The seller is required to deliver an article in compliance with the contract and respond to defects in conformity existing when it is delivered. He/she will also respond to defects in conformity resulting from packaging, instructions for assembly or installation when these have been made his/her responsibility by the contract or have been produced under his/her responsibility.

– Article L211-5 of the French Consumer Code

To be according with the contract, the article must:

1. Be appropriate for the use normally expected for such an article and, if necessary:

– correspond to the seller’s description and have the qualities shown in the form of a sample or model.

– have the qualities that a purchaser might legitimately expect in view of public statements made by the seller, the producer or his/her representative in advertising or labelling.

2. Or present the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or be appropriate for any special use sought by the purchaser that has been brought to the notice of the seller and which the latter has accepted.

– Article L211-12 of the French Consumer Code

Action resulting from defects in conformity lapses after two years from the date of delivery of the article.

– Article 1641 of the French Civil Code

A seller is bound to a warranty on account of the latent defects of the sold product which render it unfit for the use for which we intend it, or which decreases so much this use that a purchaser would not have acquired it, or would not have given a lesser price if he/she had known them.

– Article 1648 of the French Civil Code

Action resulting of latent defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years after the discovery of the defect.

Article 18: Liability of the Society

The Society is in charge of the right execution of the responsibilities resulting of the Distance Contract. The responsibilities being the ones of the Society or the subcontractors, without prejudice to his/her right to claim against the said agents.

The Society will not be held responsible for the non-execution of he concluded contract by an event of force majeure and, in particular in case of total or partial strike of postal services, carriers, and disasters causes by flood or fires. This limitation of liability is applying as well on the non-execution of that contract, due to the unpredictable and insurmountable act of a third authorized person not involved in the provision of the services stipulated. The Society will incur no responsibility for any consequential damage, loss of trade, loss of profit, damage or expense, that may occur.

The choice and purchase of a Product are under the Client total responsibility.

Article 19: Personal details

The Society is bound, to respect the confidentiality of personal data given by the Client on the Website, and to handle it in the respect of the Loi Informatique et Liberté du 6 Janvier 1978 modifiée (the protection act of January 6th, 1978 and modified since). According to this act, the Client is allowed to access the file, to use his/her rights of opposition and his/her right of the correction or to delete the informations concerning him/her, by addressing an email to the address info@leoube.com or by letter with this address: 2387 route de Léoube, 83230 Bormes les Mimosas.

Article 20: Double clic and proof

Double-clicking and the procedure of authentification and the non repudiation of the Client’s Order, are an acceptance of the present Contractual Conditions and worth the conclusion of the Order, pursuant to the provisions of the article 1369-5 of the French Civil Code. The electronic registries will be considered as proof of communication, Order and payment between the Parties.

Article 21: Documents archiving and storage

The storage of information is made on a reliable and sustainable support, in accordance with the article 1348 of the French Civil Code.

It is carried out in conformity of the norme AFNOR Z 42-013, which is on the conception and the use of computer systems to assure the preservation and integrity of the recording kept in these systems.

Article 22: Integrity of the contact

The Contractual Conditions and General Terms of Use express the obligations of the Parties.

No specific condition communicated by the customer may be incorporated in these General Sales Terms and Conditions, besides in a prior agreement between the Parties before the validation of the contract.

The fact that the Society can not take advantage of a client’s negligence to one of all the present general conditions, would be taken, for the future, as a renunciation of the obligation in cause.

The Society reserves the right to adapt or to modify at any time the present Contractual Conditions. In this case, the orders of the day will be under these modified sell conditions. The Society will keep, on its servers all the versions of the Contractual Conditions.

Article 23: Retention of title

The Products delivered to the Client are the propriety of the Society, until the complete conclusion of the Contract. The transfer of risks to the Client take effect at the delivery of the Products by the Client.

Article 24: Applicable law

The present contract is subject to the French law.

In case of an issue, the Parties will favor an amical settlement.

This search for an amical solution does not affect the delay to act guaranteed.

In the absence of a amical solution, the French courts will be more efficient.

General Conditions of Use

Website proprieties

The present General Conditions of Use apply to the website www.leoube.com (the Website)

Acceptance of General Terms of Use

To use the Website, you have first to a accept the conditions. By not accepting the conditions you won’t be able to use the Website.

The use of the Website will worth accepting the present conditions. You acknowledge and agree that your use of the Website might be taken by the Society as your acception of these Conditions, and as soon as it is used.

The Society reserves the right to modify periodically the General Terms of Use, for example to adapt the legislative modifications and regulations or to, modify the features proposed on the Website. Therefore, you will have to often visit the General Terms of Use, to be informed of the modifications made. If you don’t agree with the modified General Terms of Use, you must stop using the Website. If you continue to use the Website after the date of modifications of the General Terms of Use, this use will be worth the acceptation of the modified General Terms of Use.


Our Website leoube.com is administrated and is to:

Château Léoube – SARL Léoube Distribution with the assets of 10,000 euros

Siren: 817924715 Code APE 4634Z

Intra-community TVA Number: FR77817924715

Adress: 2387 route de Léoube, 83230 Bormes les Mimosas     

Telephone number: 04 94 64 80 03

Available Monday through Friday, from 9:00  a.m from 5:00 p.m       

Email address: info@leoube.com

Alcohol abuse and minors protection

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health, please consume in moderation.

Pursuant to article L. 3342-1 du Code de la Santé Publique (French Public Health Code), prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors under eighteen (18), the Client commits, by validating its Order Form, to be of full age of eighteen years old the day of the Order.

Intellectual property or copyright

– All the constituent parts of the Website (pictures, images, logos, flash animation, modeled elements…) as well as the technologic elements (Logiciels creations, back office management, proposed services…) are protected by copyright and are the property of its author, except in the restrictive cases of complete or partial transfer of rights in favor of Léoube.

– The Website textes (such as articles) are exclusively the author’s property. They can not be reproduce or used without the author’s consent. SARL Léoube Distribution only allows the use of partial reproduction of its article via the RSS flux present on the these websites. According to provisions of the article L.122-4 of the Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle (Copyright Code), any reproduction of a partial or total contents of the site is forbidden, whatever its form (reproduction, interweaving, distribution, techniques of « inline linking » and of the « framing »…). The direct links established towards downloadable files (whatever its form) present on the Website, are as well forbidden. If you want to make a link with our Website, and before any establishment, please contact the SARL Léoube Distribution by mail via this address info@leoube.com, to establish the link pointing at our Website or any of its content.

– The texts present, coming from external sources, have been the elements of an implicit or explicit agreement of its author. For this reason, a mention on the Website sources and the respective authors is available.

Links and contents statut

External links

The links present in this Website (direct links, permalinks, partner links…) are redirecting the user to other websites, which content is place under the responsibility of the sites’ editors.

Bu no means, the Society can not be held liable of the contents of its websites. Since we attach particular importance to the legality of the content in the websites to which we are linked, we request you to informe us of any content that appear illicit to you, on websites which we are linked to.


The content of the Website, published by the Society, has been elaborated with care. Therefore, there is no illicite or defamatory content in this one. Furthermore, it is not presenting content which could be considered as « misleading advertising » in the sens of the article 121-1 et the ones following of the Code de la Consommation (Consumer Code).

Informations and Liberties

In accordance with the recommendation 2005-284 of the CNIL, this Website has not been the object of a statement as such. However, the processing of present or to come data concerning the stated Website, have been or will be declare to the CNIL.

For the above mentioned process of data, it is compliant with the NS48 of the 07/06/2005, edited by the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL)(National Commission on Liberties and Informatics. You will be able to find the complete characteristics by consulting our section « protection des données » (Datas protection)

In accordance to the articles 38 and 40 of the law 2004-801 of the 06/08/2004, you are entitled to consult, correct or erase the data on you.

This rights can be applied online by sending an email to the address info@leoube.com or by post mailing to this address: SARL Léoube Distribution, 2387 route de Léoube, 83230 Bormes les Mimosas. Right of data access’ procedure (right not exercised in person).

Before sending you any personal data, we will ask you to provide a proof of your identity. If you are not able to prove your identity, we have the right to refuse to send you your informations.

Being in the sens of the décret 2007-451 of 25/03/2007, your demand will be satisfy in the delay of 2 month maximum, subject to the not excessive character of this one. We will ask you to pay the reproduction of the document of your request.

Concerning the right of rectification and deletion: the prior conditions are the same concerning the right of access.

Privacy policy and data protection policy

A section has been specially devoted to our data protection policy and privacy policy.

Please consult it on our Website by clicking on this column: protection des données (data protection policy)


The Website is hosted on the servers of the society: OVH

Customer services

The customer service of Léoube’s Boutique is only available via mailing, to the address info@leoube.com or by telephone to the : 04 94 64 80 03

Available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m from 5:00 p.m


Protection of the Website’s data www.leoube.com


This polity determinates the way we treat any of your informations we collect, when you visit our Website.

We lay very great priority to the respect of the privacy policy and individual data of our users.

As well, we are careful to the protection of your private life and our data, in the way that we create, organize and put in place activities online and offline. To keep its maximal protection, in regard of personal data we are treating, our websites and the entities administering will conform the principles designated in the:

– Recommendation of the OECD Council concerning the guidelines governing the protection of privacy and trans-border flows of personal data (C(80)58/FINAL).

– European Directive 95/46CE on the legal protection of personal data.

– French 78-17 act modified by the 2004-801 act of 06/08/2004 (called Loi Informatique et Libertés (Liberties and Informatics law)).

Websites development

The Website you are visiting www.leoube.net is provided from our headquarters in France.

Links statuts

The specific practices described in the politic policy privacy declaration, is only for the Website above mentioned. External links, from other entities, associated to the Society, can be present on our Website, for editorial, partnership, advertising or payment  purposes… We draw your attention to the fact that we are not responsible of the private policy of externals websites. We, therefore, give you the advise to check the Private policy’s declarations of other entities, when you visit them. We, nevertheless, try to analyse, for any collaboration, the content of our partners and advertisers.

Specifications on use and collection of data (automatically recorded data).

It is possible for you to visit our Website without disclosing personal data. However, some proposed services require the collection of your personal data. The collection of this personal data is made with cookies, intended to improve our services and, to use establishing statistics. A cookie is a data element sent on your browser and, kept in your hard drive.

Cookies are present in the private spaces of our Website.

If the user is subscribing – they serve to the record of the password – so you do not have to type it overtime. Theses cookies can held this informations:

– IP address

– Some categories asked during an inscription: Nickname, Name, First name, Email address, Date of birth…

– If the user ticks the box « retenir et l’identifiant et le mot de passe » (saving nickname and password), these two element are coded and added to the cookies.

– If a user subscribed to our Website, comes back on the Website without identify him/her, the cookies’ elements will recognizing her/him (unless if he/her manually erased the cookies, therefore the browser will automatically create a new cookie).

We inform yourself that you can block the registration of the cookies, by setting up your browser. To know the procedure to follow, depending on what browser you are using, please read carefully the helping sections of it.

Collection and use of data voluntarily provided by the user

It is not essentiel to subscribe to our Website. You can visit it even if you do not want to give personal informations, but in this case, you won’t be able to buy online, receive newsletters or even contact us by email. We respect your will, and will never collect personal data without your clear agreement.

If we collect informations given during the creation of your personal spaces, orders, surveys, contest or other forms, as well as in the email that you might have sent us, informations can be collect and combine with others.

These informations, which can only be used under its aggregated form, are useful to better understanding of some tendencies and some user profils. They are never use individually. If you don’t want your informations, linked to you transaction, to be used in this way, you can disable the cookies or stop the inscription at the level of your request.

Any data treatment on our clients and our prospects, using our Website are in accordance of the Norme Simplifiée N°48 of 07/06/2005 of the CNIL (Simplify norme). To know the process of details (recipients, objectives, storage life, treated data), please clic here.

These processing of data has been put in place by a processing manager, to whom you can find the details in the section « mentions légales ».

Minors data protection

The use of our Website is reserved to adults, over 18 years old. All data collection concerning minors must be subject of an information to parental authority, which has the capacity to refuse any processing of such data.

User free choice

We collect nominative data if they are voluntarily given, while using our service. You can, create a private space on our websites, receive emails regarding sales, or on our, or our partners’, marketing informations by choosing the desired options while subscribing.

All inscriptions respect the Active Opt-In ou Double Opt-In principle, and need your voluntary action. If you choose to subscribe or order, your informations are available by our entities personal, as well as an authorized third person, who will use them in the context of events management.

If you no longer want to receive emails regarding sales, or on our or our partners’ marketing informations, you only need to let us know by an email, like it is mention in the section « mentions légales » or by using the, unsubscribe link, at the bottom of every information letter.

We also provide you several ways of contacting us, for exercising your rights or to show your willing of passing on personal data (for example, an exhaustive list):

– By ticking a box on the Website where your data are collected (Active Opt-In)

– By confirming an action by email (Double Opt-In)

– By ordering with the LCEN arrangements

– By sending an electronic mail

– By sending a postal mail

– By dialing a telephone number

Privacy and security

Our concern is to preserve the quality and integrity of your personal informations. The technologies and current security policies used by us and our technical subcontractors, allows the protection of personal data of our users against non authorized access, improper use, alteration, accidental malicious destruction or involuntary loss of data.

We are always looking to improve our security process, regarding the evolution of technologies, to keep a maximal level of security. On our Website, following personal data transmission is secured by different protocols which ensures the highest degree of protection, in adequacy with the existing technologies and the category of the personal data transmitted:

Category 1: primary personal data (name, email address, postale address…)

Category 2: other personal data of the profil (description, hobbies, tastes…)

Category 3: identifications (card number, private space IDs…)

All of our employees, subcontractors, and a third authorized person which have access to data or which are associate to their processing, are obliged to respect the privacy of their visitors, clients and prospects’ data.

We guarantee that your personal data will not be communicated to institutions or public authorities, except by law or other regulations.


In order to keep the highest degree of protection of our visitors, clients and prospects’ data, we usually summit ourselves to a self-evaluation. This self-evaluation is made by the processing manager, and is focusing as much possible on the technicals measures as on the organization ones.

It also contains the regular relations of data protection policy, of our subcontractors, partners and other person authorized.

Right to, access, correct or delete

According to the article 38 and the ones following of the modified act 78-17, you have the right to access, correct and delete, your data.

Regarding the right of access:

Before giving back your personal informations, we will ask you to give us a proof of your identity.

If you are not able, to give us a proof of identity, we won’t be able to send you your informations.

We will try to answer your requests as soon as possible.

Regarding the correction or deletion right:

The previous conditions are the same as the ones on the right of access.

Changement notifications

The creation of new services on our websites, can create changes necessary to this polity protection of data statement. In this case, we will notify the changes in this section. We will also declare the changes to the CNIL if necessary.


For any question regarding to our protection data policy, please contact us by one of the ways proposed in the section « mentions légales » (General Terms).