Djégo live at Café Léoube on July 11 from 9:00 p.m.



In Djégo’s imaginary West, blues mixes with machines, creating a unique musical style. Their sound navigates between the intoxicating electronica of Nicolas Jaar and the psychedelic guitars of the Doors, offering a voyage where wide open spaces and textures merge.

Axel and Jérémy discovered their passion for music when they were teenagers, and went on to explore different influences.



In March 2020, they formed Djégo, with Jérémy on guitar and Axel on machines, to create a unique style by recording and producing their compositions independently.

They also produce their own music videos and visuals in collaboration with the Lok Lak association.



Their first EP, “West Universe”, was released in November 2022. This opus enabled them to make a name for themselves, and to tour some thirty dates throughout the winter season.

The track lt’s Used To could appears in over 109 playlists, and is even broadcast on FIP Radio at the time of its release.