écosystème de Léoube

The ecosystem of Léoube’s organic vineyard

For more than 20 years, our team has been proud to contribute to the development of responsible agriculture and sustainable wine and olive production, respectful of people and the planet. Taking into consideration every element of our environment is an integral part of our organic farming philosophy. Protecting the land and soil promotes the development of biodiversity, allowing a natural balance and sustaining the planet for future generations.
In addition to our organic farming certifications, last year we obtained the highest certification for environmental value, the ‘High Environmental Value‘ (HEV) with distinction ; this certificate takes into account the entire estate and reflects our commitment to a sustainable future. We also recently had an external study carried out by ‘Terre & Humanisme’, who analysed our entire estate reporting on but not limited to ; the soil, water, biodiversity, flora and fauna. This in depth report helped our dedicated sustainability team to put in place a long-term agroecological strategy plan. Over the past year we have already implemented some key actions to further improve our sustainability and biodiversity at Léoube, such as :
  • Implemented a zero waste policy across all operations
  • Installed an additional 19 beehives around the estate
  • Further developed and extended our composting practices and areas
  • Created and maintained a regular beach clean-up schedule
  • Organised educational days for the public to learn more about organics and how to protect our coastal nature
  • Forged key partnerships with several local forest and wildlife protection associations
  • Created an additional large permaculture vegetable garden to supply our seaside restaurant “Café Léoube” with fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Relieved pressure on the environment by further limiting use of inputs (phyto, fertilizers), also continued to dry farm our vines and investigated ways to slow down the flow of natural water resources
  • Diversification and rotation of crops to maintain a self-sufficient agriculture, limiting degradation to the soils, water and air
  • Planted new vegetation around our vineyards, orchards, olive groves and vegetable gardens: to strengthen the connection between our crops and surrounding forests. Our forests and natural environments represent about 75% of the total area of the estate.
This year we will continue to support our commitment to nature and allowing nature to guide every part of our cultivation and production. The more balanced the Léoube ecosystem is, the more balanced our grapes, olives, vegetables and fruit are. Our nature driven approach to farming, coupled with our sustainability focus and biodiversity actions, allow us to continue to offer you exceptional organic wines and olive oils !

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