Cream of butternut squash soup

Recipe of Cream of butternut squash soup

This delicious winter recipe to taste with a glass of red wine.

This autumnal soup is one of our favourite dishes on cooler days, its vibrant colour and flavour bringing warmth and comfort. Delicious served with crusty bread and salted organic butter and also with a glass of Rouge de Léoube.


Ingredients (serves 4) :

  • 2 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 butternut squash, peeled and diced
  • 1 onion, peeled and chopped
  • 1 tsp curry powder
  • 200ml of double cream
  • 600ml vegetable stock
  • handful soft green herbs, roughly chopped (parsley, coriander or chervil)
  • 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds
  • Salt and pepper


Method :

  • Heat the olive oil in a large pan and fry the diced onion and butternut squash for 5-10 minutes until slightly softened. Season with salt and pepper and add the curry powder. Stir together well over the heat.
  • Pour in the double cream and vegetable stock (there should be enough liquid to cover the vegetables) and bring to the boil. Cover with a lid and gently simmer for 20 minutes until the butternut is cooked and breaks easily when pressed with a fork.
  • Pour the soup into a blender and blend until smooth, adding more vegetable stock if the soup is too thick. Taste to check the seasoning, adding more salt and pepper if needed.


Serve sprinkled with the fresh herbs and pumpkin seeds, and of course a glass of Léoube red wine, Rouge de Léoube.

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