Program of the Café Léoube 2019


Open from April to the end of September, in the pine forest of the Pellegrin beach, on one of the most beautiful unspoilt Mediterranean beaches facing the island of Porquerolles the Café opens its doors and offers you to share beautiful evenings summer around a bottle of rosé.

At the program this summer:




June 20, 2019 : The Dolce Vita* 

Marcello Rubini, left his Italian province for Rome in order to become a writer, but he became a columnist in a magazine sensation. He is therefore touring places where he is likely to get some scoops to feed his column.

Release date:  11 May 1960

Director: Frederico Fellini

Original Sound Track:  Nino Rota

Nominations: Oscar for Best Director

Rewards: Palme d’Or
* subject to broadcast rights

June 27, 2019 : Roman holidays

The tender love, the time of a day, of a princess and a seductive American journalist, in the Eternal City, Rome. Restated January 27, 2016.

Director: William Wyler

Actors: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert

July 4, 2019 : The grande illusion*

First World War. Two French soldiers are captured by Commander von Rauffenstein, a refined and respectful German. Led to a prison camp, they help their roommates dig a secret tunnel. But on the eve of their escape, the detainees are transferred. They are finally taken to a high security fortress led by von Rauffenstein. He treats the prisoners with courtesy, even befriending Boeldieu

Release date : 4 june 1937 (France)

Réalisateur : Jean Renoir

Récompenses : National Society of Film Critics Film Heritage Award

Scénario : Jean Renoir, Charles Spaak

Nominations : Oscar of the best movie
* subject to broadcast rights

July 11, 2019 : Paradiso Cinema *

In Rome, at the end of the 1980s, Salvatore, a filmmaker in vogue, has just learned of the death of his old friend Alfredo. With the memory of Alfredo, it is all his childhood that goes back to the surface: his native village, in Sicily, when he was called Toto and he shared his free time between the church and the parish cinema, where Alfredo, the projectionist who, through the films he projected, taught him life.

Release date:  20 September 1989

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

Original Sound Track: Ennio Morricone

Rewards: Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film,

Nominations: Japanese Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film
* subject to broadcast rights

July 18, 2019 : Silence and shadows

Atticus Finch defends a black man who is innocent of the rape of which he is accused, but he also ends up suffering the blind violence of hatred and prejudices.

Release date:  29 May 1963 (France)

Director: Robet Mulligan

According to the original work of:  Harper Lee

Rewards: Oscar for the best actor

Nominations: Oscar for the best movie

July 24, 2019 : Psychosis

Phoenix, Arizona. Marion Crane and Sam Loomis are lovers but the lack of money compromises their marriage. Sam must pay support to his ex-wife and pay off his father’s debts. Marion handles more and more evil this love being limited to furtive encounters. Back at the office, she attends a real estate transaction between a rich client and her boss, who charges her to deposit $ 40,000 in the bank.

Release date: 2 Novdember 1960 (France)

Director: Alfred Hitchock

According to the original work of: Bernard Herrmann

Associated musical title: Prelude

Rewards: Golden Globe’s Best Actress in a Supporting Role

August 1, 2019 : On the docks

In the port of New York the dockers’ union (affiliated with the central power) is led by Johnny Friendly and Charley Malloy. He is none other than the brother of Terry Malloy, a boxer trainer, himself a docker. In contrast to his surname, Johnny Friendly (Lee J.Cobb) is a brutal and ruthless man, although he is able to occasionally experience some paternal affection for Terry.

Release date: 14 january 1955 (France)

Director: Elia Kazan

Rewards: Oscar of the best actor, Oscar of the best movie

August 8, 2019 : Some like it hot*

Two unemployed jazz musicians, unintentionally mingled with a settling of accounts between gangsters, turn into musician to escape. They go to Florida with a female band. They fall in love with a beautiful blonde creature, Alouette, who wants to marry a billionaire …

Release date: 9 September 1959 (France)

Director: Billy Wilder

Nominations: Oscar of the best actor

Awards: Golden Globe of the best actress in a musical movie or comedy

Scenario: Billy Wilder, I. A. L. Diamond
* subject to broadcast rights

August 15, 2019 : La Strada*

In Italy, Zampano, a sturdy boor, a forainambulant specializing in tricks of strength, “buys”, to a miserable mother, the kind Gelsomina, a lunar girl. Traveling on the roads in a poor carriage at the discretion of Zampano, Gelsomina second this one during his big issue of chain breaker.

Release date: 11 March 1955 (Paris)

Director: Federico Fellini

Original Sound Track: Nino Rota

Rewards: Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

Nominations: Oscar of the best original scenario
* subject to broadcast rights

August 22, 2019 : A woman looking for his destiny*

Dominated by a possessive mother, rich Puritan of Boston, Charlotte Vale is a young woman unsightly and shut up on herself. Depressed, she is treated by Dr. Jaquith, a famous psychiatrist.

Release date: 5 November 1947 (France)

Director: Ivring Rapper

Original Sound Track: Max Steiner

Scenario: Olive H. Prouty, Casey Robinson

Awards: Oscar of the best film music
* subject to broadcast rights

August 27, 2019 : Blonde Venus

The American chemist Edward Faraday married Helen, a singer of German origin. She left the scene to take care of their son, Johnny. When Edward learns that he has to go to cure the serious illness he is suffering in Europe, Helen resumes his old job. She soon meets a seductive billionaire who makes him an urgent court and she ends up accepting his financial aid.

Release date: 25 November 1932 (France)

Director: Josef von Sternberg

Original Sound Track: Hot Voodoo

By the original work: Josef von Sternberg, Jules Furthman

Awards: Oscar of the best music movie


June 16, 2019 : Baby Boss

It’s always a shock to see your parents come home with a baby in your arms, especially when wearing a tie! If seven-year-old Tim does not look forward to this baby boss coming home, he discovers that he is in fact dealing with a spy and that he alone can help him accomplish his ultra-secret mission.

Release date: 29 March 2017 (France)

Director: McGrath

Awards: Best animation movie

Characters: Baby Boss, Tim, Jimbo

Nominations: Golden Globes 2018

June 23, 2019 : Cro Man

Prehistory, when dinosaurs and mammoths still roamed the earth. The story of a courageous caveman, Doug, and his best friend Crochon, who unite to save their tribe from a mighty enemy, the infamous Lord Noz, a crooked chancellor of a bronze civilization that aspires to conquer their territory.

Release date: 7 February 2018 (France)

Director: Nick Park

Characters: Dug, Mona, Lord Nooth, Dino

June 30, 2019 : A monster in Paris

Raoul and Emile accidentally release a monster from the greenhouse of a scientist and they swear to find the beast. The Police Commissioner believes that the monster is very dangerous, but Raoul and Emile are trying to save the monster from police corruption.

Release date: 17 October 2011 (France)

Director: Eric Bergeron

Characters: Francœur, Luclle, Maynott prefect , Mrs Carlotta, Raoul, Cop Pâté, Albert, Émile, Maud

Nominations: Caesar for best animated film, Caesar for best music

July 7, 2019 : Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a bull with a big heart. Victim of his imposing appearance, he finds himself inadvertently captured and torn from his village of origin. Determined to find his family and his roots, he embarks on an incredible adventure through Spain, accompanied by the craziest teams.

Release date: 20 December 2017 (France)

Director: Carlos Saldanha

Characters: Ferdinand, Nina, Valiente, Maquina, Una dos tres

July 14, 2019 : Transylvanie Hotel 3

Our favorite monster family embarks on a dream cruise so that Drac can finally breathe a little and savor a vacation instead of taking care of everyone at the hotel. Everything looks great for the family, between volleyball games monsters, exotic excursions and sunbathing in the moonlight … But the ideal vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when Mavis realizes that Drac fell in love with the mysterious Ericka, the captain of the ship, whose terrible secret can destroy all the monsters …

Release date: 28 July 2014 (France)

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Characters: Harold, Krokmou, Stoick, Gueulfor, Valka, Rustik, Varek, Riffin

July 21, 2019 : Dragon 2

The Scandinavian coasts. It’s been five years since the Vikings tamed dragons. Son of the chief of the clan, the young Harold likes nothing so much as to ride in the air on the back of his inseparable companion, the dragon Krokmou. He will have to put the pedal soft because his father believes it is time to retire and appoint his son to his estate.

Release date: 2 July 2014 (France)

Director: Dean Dubois

Awards: Best animation movie

Characters: Harold, Krokmou, Stoick, Astrid, Gueulfor, Valka, Rustik, Varek

July 28, 2019 : Me Ugly and Nasty 3

Gru travels to Freedonia to meet his twin brother for the first time. Balthazar Bratt, a former star child who remains obsessed with the role he played in the 1980s, is the legacy of the older brothers.

Date de sortie : 5 July 2017 (France)

Réalisateurs : Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda

Personnages : Felonius Gru, Lucy Wild, Agnès, Balthazar Bratt

Nominations : Annie Awards 2018, American Cinema Editors 2018

August 4, 2019 : Tad and the secret of King Midas

Tad the explorer goes to Las Vegas to see the latest discovery of his friend, the intrepid and charming archaeologist, Sara: she found one of the three golden rings belonging to the necklace of King Midas! According to legend, the collar holder has the power to turn everything he touches into gold.

Release date: 16 May 2018 (France)

Director: Enrique Gato

Characters: Tad, Sara, Jeff, La Momie, Jack Racklam

August 11, 2019 : Sherlock Gnomes

Do you know what garden gnomes do when our backs are turned? They have fun and prepare the arrival of Spring. When they mysteriously disappear one by one, there is only one who can fly to their rescue: Sherlock Gnomes. The famous detective, fervent defender of the garden gnomes, arrives with his sidekick Watson to conduct the investigation.


Release date: 15 March 2018 (France)

Director: John Stevenson

Characters : Sherlock Gnomes, Gnomeo, Juilet, Watson, Irene, Redbrick Nanette, Benny

August 18, 2019 : My life as a Courgette

Nine-year-old courgette lives alone with his alcoholic mother. The day she dies, he is accompanied to the orphanage by Raymond, a policeman who has taken a liking to him. Zucchini is greeted freshly by Simon, the leader of the children’s band, who plays hard with the newcomer. Over the days, Courgette comes out of his melancholy and ends up sympathizing with Simon who explains the reason for the presence of everyone in the establishment.

Release date: 19 October 2016 (France)

Director: Claude Barras

Reward: Caesar of the best adaptation,

Characters: La Foraine, Courgette’s Mother, Mr. Paul

Nominations: Oscar for the best animated film

August 25, 2019 : All on stage 

Buster Moon is an elegant koala, director of a theater whose past years of glory are beginning to fall into oblivion. Buster is an eternal optimist, and maybe a little rascal. He loves his theater more than anything and will do his best to preserve it. A chance presents itself to him: to organize the largest singing contest in the world. Five candidates are in the lead: a mouse, an elephant, a porcupine, a pig, and a gorilla. They all hope to change their lives.

Release date: January 27, 2017 (France)

Director: Hammer & Tongs

Reward: International Comedy Film Festival of Alpe d’Huez 2017

Characters: Ash, Buster Moon, Bunter, Johnny, Meena, Mike, Rosita

Nominations: Oscar for the best animated film, best original song



June 14, 2019 : Bossazina

Bossazina trio offers a musical journey through Brazil: bossa-nova, samba, reggae, funk, baiao.

The great standards of Brazilian music are approached with originality and punctuated by brief anecdotes brought by the singer during his travels in Brazil .

14 juin 2019 BOSSAZINA-cafe-leoube

June 21, 2019 : Michèle Merlin Jazz Trio

The “Michèle Merlin trio”, this trio is composed of Patrick at the piano, Frank at the drums and the exceptional voice of Michèle Merlin they put their talents at the service of an eclectic repertoire ranging from jazz standards to international variety, for your pleasure!

Can also been found : August 9, 2019


June 28, 2019 : Cyril Martin Trio

Professional pianist and singer for over 20 years, used to small and large scenes, he is a pianist in large orchestras, bands and Big Band.

Regularly on tour in France and Europe, accompanied by his Big Band, his repertoire balances tradition and modernity …

Franck Sinatra, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole, as well as more current singers like Michael Buble and Harry Connick JR.

28 Juin 2019 Cyril Martin trio-cafe-leoube

July 5, 2019 : Cuba Noche

Duo Latino, composed of a singer guitarist and a very effective percussionist in the repertoire composed of Cuban music combining Mexican and Brazilian music, assured atmosphere.

Can also been found : August, 2 2019

Cuba noche-cafe-leoube

July 12, 2019 : So Jazz

Floriane Jourdain, singer-actress with a voice intensely jazz, delicately posed, transports us from New York to Saint Germain revisiting the standards in the lineage of the current Jazz singers.

Between swing and ballads, the complicity with his musicians allows him to improvise nuances and sensitivity. So Jazz quartet: David Dupeyre (guitar), Stéphane Kara (drums), Floriane Jourdain (vocals).

Can also been found: August 16, 2019

12 Juillet 2019 So Jazz-cafe-leoube

July 19, 2019 : Andréa Caparros

It is at the source that the singer finds her inspiration. Born from a Brazilian mother and a musician father, she is rocked since young age by the rhythms of samba and bossa nova. Andrea studied jazz at the Toulon Regional Conservatory, which allowed her to learn improvisation and use harmony to write her own repertoire.

A project that opens to the horizons of jazz and Brazilian inspired by the inevitable Antonio Carlos, Tania Maria but also the new generation of jazz, Gretchen Parlato, Robert Glasper …. A discovery from the South.


July 26, 2019 : Soulmates

Soulmates is a trio of music composed of a singer, a pianist singer and a percussionist singer, who revisit with taste the repertoire of great standards of soul and pop.

Find the World’s Best Songs with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Delegation, Prince, Sade and Bruno Mars.

A trip in the 60s to today.


August 23, 2019 : Eric Méridiano Trio

Passionate about Bebop and Hard Bop, Sonny Clark’s melodic contours, Wynton Kelly’s obsessive swing, Eric is inspired by Latin groove, sounds inspired by Sufism and African music.

He will be accompanied by bassist Fabien Giacchi and drummer Thierry Larosa.

23 Août 2019 Eric Méridiano trio-cafe-leoube

August 30, 2019 : Guy Lopez Quartet

He plays in the big band of Vincent Seno which accompanies great soloists: Chet Baker, Tom Harrell, Peter King, B Porcelli G ferris, J longnon, G Arvanitas, S Gray ….

Guy Lopez also plays in Michel Zenino’s sextet with the Belmondo brothers; this sextet has won various Jazz competitions.

Musician for 3 years, he accompanies great artists like Tony Bennett, Shirley Bassey, Julia Miguenez Johnson, White Barry, Gloria Gaynor. For the occasion the repertoire consists of bebop and swing.

For the occasion the repertoire is composed of bebop and swing.

20 Août 2019 Guy Lopez Quartet-cafe-leoube





Sunday, June 16 2019 : Mozz 

Their signature? A lot of energy and an overflowing enthusiasm applied to a modern and explosive magic. This is the recipe of this group of magicians who cultivates differences and elegance! An international experience at the service of your event!

Solo, duo or trio, cocktail and table table shock delivery, their close-up is always a mini visual show where each passage creates a very strong magic moment.

Can also been found : August 25, 2019

Sunday, June 23 2019 : Magic Mouss

Chat, talent and also a lot of humor. Magic Mouss brilliantly revisits the magic shows. Towers sprinkled with mentalism, close-up, levitation and improvisation. The audience is at the heart of the show and actively participates in this unique, magical and intriguing moment.

Can also been found : July 21, 2019

Sunday, June 30 : Anthonin

Can also been found : July 28 and August 18, 2019

Sunday, July 14 : Harlequin

From the so-called “close-up” card game, to the big illusions or two big shows for children, with several creations adapted to adults, children or families, Arlequin presents 6 different magical shows where humor holds a primordial place.

Can also been found: August 4, 2019

Sunday, July 14: Augustin le Magicien

Can also been found :  11 August 2019